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The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX

The Skeptics Handbook

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Who runs the country — the media?

What politician could afford to lose the favored Golden eye of the Media Collective and the Tech Giants. It would take a Billionaire celebrity with a cult fan following to even have a chance? The media blackout on the political scandal of the century meant half the voters didn’t even know the FBI was investigating the Biden family for allegedly selling out the nation to foreign interests for a bag full of money. The voter reaction to this news, had they known, would easily have changed the election outcome in swing states. (Assuming Dominion couldn’t just flip more ballots at 4am). This new study is good but barely scratches the surface of how powerful the media influence is.

17% of Biden voters would have changed their minds

A new survey conducted by The Polling Company for the Media Research Center (MRC) found that major media censorship of certain vital stories left voters in the dark, particularly Biden voters, and prevented President Donald Trump from winning a second term.

“This lack of information proved crucial,” said the MRC in a report on the poll. “One of every six Biden voters we surveyed (17%) said they would have […]

80% of Republicans think the election was stolen and the media is the enemy

Donald Trump’s message of election fraud has reached millions of people even though Twitter, Facebook, and the media have said it was baseless every ten minutes since election day. Word is spreading so fast that even 12% of Democrats think the election was stolen.


…Politico conducted its 2020 Voter Priorities Survey and results show that a vast majority of Trump voters believe the election results are not valid and that illegal voting and fraud took place during the election. Twenty-one percent of Trump voters believe the results are valid and 79 percent believe the election was stolen.

This is a crisis for any democratic nation. The way to solve it is with a full and fair investigation which either cleans up the count or puts people in jail. Possibly nothing short of a new election (with paper ballots) will work.


Not surprisingly, 83% of Trump voters call the media “the enemy”.


The crisis in media trust is due to interviews like this one (below). Here is Ari Melber of MSNBC acting like the enemy…

What is he afraid of — presumably he is worried that the Democrat viewers will find out […]

Third world censorship in the USA: 1000% Joe Biden is “the Big Guy” in China CCP dealings

The media are concealing a Bigger-than-Watergate scandal about the “leading” presidential candidate a week before the election in the most powerful nation on Earth. How easy then is it for the same media to ignore thousands of independent scientists in an esoteric debate about radiative physics? If Biden is elected, he will have to be removed from office.

History unfolding: Tony Bobulinski is a democrat who served his country, who had tops secret clearance with the NSA and DOE.

Tucker Carlson:

“Never before in American history have more power centres combined to kill a legitimate news story …”

“Last night we experienced an extraordinary attempt to interfere with our reporting on the Biden family…”

Bobulinski went to the Biden camp in the last week, after they said this was Russian disinformation (calling Bobulinski a traitor effectively). He asked them to do the right thing. Their response (like concern trolls) was to warn him he’d have press trucks outside his house, he’d have to move, he could lose his job… “but basically” Rob Walker, the spouse of Jill Biden’s former top personal White House aide, told Tony Bobulinski “you’re just going to bury all of […]

Things the ABC forgot to mention

The scandals of the Biden family are so big they have a gravitational field of their own– and whole institutions like The FBI have been captured in the orbit. The ABC had time to discuss an orchid rescue operation in Western Australia, but nothing on the growing questions of abuse of the roles, and now the cover up, near the top of our largest military ally two weeks before their election.

There are so many interesting commentators the ABC didn’t call.

Tom Fitton from JudicialWatch speaks about Joe Biden:

Who knew that Ukraine was just the side hustle for the Bidens…?

If I were the President I would take [the case] away from the FBI, and the Dept. of Justice.

They will not be able to derail an investigation no matter whether he gets elected.

Has Joe Biden disqualified himself from the Office…?

Fitton sttarts at 3:50

Companies linked to Hunter Biden received millions of dollars in federal loans…

Sidney Powell — Michael Flynn’s defense attorney says:

‘There’s more than enough evidence to have warranted an indictment of Joe Biden and Hunter biden, and […]

Reagan on rioters, “what’s to negotiate?”

Ronald Reagan:

“I’m sick and tired of the argument about whether some effort to enforce law and order is going to escalate anything at all…”


President Reagan’s message to a media who protected and defended rioters in 1969.

His message is more pertinent today than ever, as the state of our national media has only grown more rotten, biased, and disconnected over the years.

The kicker comes at the end. pic.twitter.com/T4Ej6BBMSe

— Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) August 26, 2020


Nice civilization you have there. Shame if something happened to it.

As Kamala says with a smile: “…they’re not going to stop, and nor should they”.

Are the Democrats basically running on extortion: Vote for us so unhappy Democrat voters don’t tear the country apart?

She’s talking about protestors (theoretically) but doesn’t seem to mention the rioters, and as the BLM say “silence is violence”.

Things the ABC / BBC probably won’t mention

The Democrats don’t seem to want to stop the mobs. Tucker Carlson explains…

8.6 out of 10 based on 89 ratings

Found! Crystal Ball for wine regions “charting” climate to 2100

Somewhere in Victoria. | Image by veronoumea

It’s just another day in the death of investigative journalism

Notice the way the words shift. The ABC told us tonight that a new “Atlas” will “chart” the temperature for wine growing regions in Australia, as if charting is what we do when we are taking a blind guess with a broken model at the future. Once upon a time, atlases mapped things that already existed. The ABC and Uni Tas are just staring right into the future. Neat advertising eh?

Makes you wonder why we bother with thermometers.

The ABC News is like reading Harry Potter. The Hunter Valley is not predicted to get warmer, it’s “destined” to. Gone are the qualifiers: where once people might have to adapt, now they’ll be forced to. In gushing form, the ABC quotes shocked farmers saying “It’s pivotal”, “a line-in-the-sand body of work” a “wow moment” and a “world first”, as if Tasmanian scientists discovered the magical Marauders Map itself. It’s also like no group on Earth has ever tried to predict the climate of wine regions before. If the ABC interviewed a skeptical farmer it would have broken the camera.

If Uni of […]